8 Top Tips To Keep Your Carpets Fresh

Rug And Carpet Cleaning

Here at MG Carpets & Rugs we pride ourselves in providing high quality carpets to our customers, but what’s the point in having a lovely new carpet if you don’t keep it clean? Keeping your carpets clean not only makes your home smell and look better, but you’re taking care of your hard-earned carpets to ensure they last longer! In order to do that we have 8 top tips to keep your carpets fresh!

Lose The Shoes

Wearing shoes around the house or walking on your carpets with shoes that have a hard tread (trainers or heels for example) will most definitely wear the carpet away faster. We advise only wearing socks or slippers around the house to prolong the life of your carpets. Also, get people to take their shoes off BEFORE they go on the carpet. This way less mud and debris is spread on the carpet or the new rugs and they’ll remain cleaner for longer.

What Is Carpet Protection

Carpet protection doesn’t always have to look out of place! Something as small as a pretty rug could both add character to a room and protect a carpet all in one. Some people think this is making unnecessary work, but a rug is much easier to clean than carpet and is much cheaper to replace. Having a rug in a common footfall carpet area could save you time and money on your carpets.

Baking Soda For Rug Cleaning

As well as looking fresher it’s also important to make them smell fresh. Adding a small amount of baking soda before using the vacuum might just be the trick to fresher smelling carpets. Leave it to settle for a few minutes then vacuum as normal and smell the results!

Why You Should Vacuum Regularly

It’s a horrible job, we know it is! However, the more often you vacuum the more likely your carpets are to remain clean and free from debris. Some homes will need vacuuming more often than others, it all depends on the amount of foot traffic in your house.

Look After Your Vacuum

Replacing the filters and cleaning out the vacuum are jobs that often get forgotten about. This determines the performance of your vacuum and in turn, how clean your carpets are. Make sure you empty the vacuum on a regular basis and take care of it!

Why You Should Deep Clean Your Carpets

Every now and then (twice a year according to research) it’s worth having a proper deep clean of your carpets. Now most of us wait until they’re dirty right? Don’t let it get to that point. Make it a rule to clean them twice a year properly. Whether this is through a professional cleaner or yourself. Give that carpet a proper clean!

Keep A Rug Cleaning Kit

Here are a few household items and things you can buy in case you have a carpet emergency…

Commercial carpet stain remover
Carbonated water
Shaving cream
Ice cubes
Hydrogen peroxide
Dishwasher detergent

All of these have different uses when it comes to removing stains and debris. Always worth keeping just in case.

Why You Should Deal With Rug Stains Fast

No one likes a stained carpet, but the more you leave them the harder they are to get out. When you need to clear up a mess on your carpet, make sure you dab and don’t rub as this could make the stain deeper and worse. If you sort out a stain as soon as it starts to appear the less likely it is to stay on the carpet.

Carpets & Rugs Newport

Here at MG Carpets & Rugs we provide high quality carpets at affordable prices. For more information on our range of products and how to keep your carpets clean call us today on 01633 842842


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