How Often Should You Replace Your Carpet?

Have You Chosen The Right Carpet For Your Room

We at MG’s Carpets and Rugs appreciate that having a good carpet is an important part of maintaining the look of a space. Too often people think replacement is the answer at the first sign of wear, but this is not always the case. If after reading this blog and trying the suggestions out for yourself and you still feel it’s time for some new carpets, call us today on 01633 870701.

Carpet Maintenance

There are several carpet maintenance tips we can give you as experts in the industry. First of all, taking shoes off at the entrance of your home will prevent the transfer of dirt and germs. As well as this, it’ll keep your everything looking and smelling fresh. The high traffic areas of your home should have a close eye kept on them as these are the places which will first show signs of wear.

A rug is a good investment to preserve your carpet. These are a stylish and practical choice if you don’t mind covering your floor. MG’s Carpets and Rugs have a wide range of rug options you can choose from so get in contact with our team today to find out more.

Protecting sharp corners or the legs of furniture is a great way to avoid unwanted marks in your floor. Especially if you have a fluffier flooring installed. You should also move heavier furniture every so often to ensure it doesn’t create a dent which can not easily or completely be removed.

Flooring Tips

How Do I Make My Carpet Look New?

Are you looking for options to make you carpet look new again? We’ve had many years in the industry to learn a few ways in which you can give it a new lease of life. One of our tips is to perform a deep clean every few months to ensure you remove bacteria and dirt missed from vacuuming alone. Fabric softener is also a great thing to use to deep clean carpets and rugs.

If you’ve noticed your furniture has left dents in your carpet, there are many home remedies to removing them (such as with a fork) which can be found online. You’d be amazed at the difference when these are removed! If you don’t feel confident with these tips or would like to leave it to the professionals, you should call in a cleaning service to help bring your carpets back to life.

Is It Bad To Vacuum My Carpet Everyday?

Daily vacuuming isn’t as bad as you may think. Regular vacuuming is the best way to keep you home or business clean, however you are not required to vacuum every day. You are only really required to do this twice a week. Make sure to focus on high traffic areas if you don’t have time to tend to your whole house, this will ensure there isn’t a build up of dirt which can ruin your carpet over time.

Full Service Carpet Solutions and Prices

If you’re in need of full service carpet solutions and prices from our experts here at MG’s Carpets, don’t hesitate to call us on 01633 870701. We pride ourselves in providing Cwmbran and Newport with quality flooring solutions to transform the look of any style home or business. Our friendly team will also be happy to help in any way they can if you’re unsure about what you’re looking for


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