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We are the leading carpet specialists in Newport, with over twenty five years of family owned business in the industry. A new carpet will bring new life to your property and succeed in transforming your space into the home you deserve. We have an extensive selection of carpets of all materials, styles, colours and finishes to suit all budgets. We offer local delivery and a professional fitting service for all carpets.

From choosing the exact design of carpet to one that has a patterned weave and sumptuous texture, we have everything that you might need. Along with our expert advice covering the best sorts of floor coverings for each of your home’s or office’s rooms, we also provide a highly professional fitting service. If you are looking for just one carpet for a single room or new carpets for your entire floor space, everything is taken care of.

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Carpet Fitting & Choosing The Right Finish

An important consideration for many customers is the type of yarn that is used in their choice of carpet. Not only will this determine the feel of the floor covering when you walk over it bare footed, but it will also have a great deal of impact in the longevity of your choice. For instance, we will be able to help you choose between carpets where the yarn is inserted into the backing of the fabric so that it is woven and then cut to length creating different types of tuft.

Because we are independent carpet traders, we can offer impartial advice for the best sort of manufacturing system to meet your home’s requirements. It is as simple as that.

Professional Carpet Fitting & Delivery

Once you have selected the best carpet for your home – one that will suit your chosen colour scheme, budget and other important considerations, like feel – it is time to look into having it professionally fitted. Firstly, it is worth noting that we will take up all the old carpet that needs to be removed for you and move any furniture that might be in the way for only a modest fee.

Once the room is fully prepared for the new carpet, it is then laid by professional fitters with many years’ worth of experience and satisfied customers in the Newport area. Furthermore, when you opt for underlay to be fitted, the fitting service is free. In addition, our installation work is guaranteed for a period of five years to offer you complete peace of mind.

Why not call us or drop into our show room? We offer free local delivery and free estimates, so there’s nothing to stop you finding your dream carpet today.

What Carpet Is Best For Stairs?

Picking what carpet is best for stairs comes with a selection of choices. We will show you how MG Carpets and blinds can help you get the best new carpet and get it expertly fitted in no time.

When it comes to stair carpets it is not only the style that needs to be thought about. As a high footfall area, a shorter pile will mean that the carpet wear is greatly reduced, cleaning and maintenance are much easier, and your new carpet will last much long.

Style is important too, going for a light colour can be a mistake. As we have said, this is a high traffic area and can be prone to dirt coming in from the outside. A darker colour with a light pattern will help you to keep the appearance for much longer and great reduce the need for constant cleaning.

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MG Carpets & Rugs are proud to have beautiful showrooms situated in both Newport and Cwmbran. If you’re considering a new carpet for your home, pop down and check out our range.

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