Is It Time To Change Your Carpet

Is It Time To Change Your Carpet

Any time of year is an ideal time to change your carpet but recognising the signs that you need a new carpet is not something we all look out for. Below you will find a guide to the top reasons why you should think about it. Is it time to change your carpet?

Has Your Carpet Got To Much Wear & Tear

In all our homes there are high traffic areas that see more wear & tear than others. In places such as hallways, stairs, and doorways this is very much the case. If your carpet is showing signs of being less than its best maybe, it is time to think of a new carpet.

Removing Stains On Your Carpet

Every home, unless it is a show home, has some sort of stain present on the carpet. It is time to get the professionals in to clean the carpet and give it a new lease of life. If you have got to the point when your room is arranged to cover stains etc, maybe a new carpet will help too.

Does Your Carpet Smell

If you come into a room and there is a musty smell, it may well be the carpet. Dirt can work its way into the fibres. Try to get your carpet cleaned regularly to ensure dirt is kept to a minimum.

Carpet Cleaning Hints

Trying something like baking soda, sprinkled on the carpet and leave for a few hours. This will help to combat smells in your carpet. If this does not work, even after professional cleaning, then it may be time to get a new carpet.

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