Carpet is an investment that you don’t purchase very often but it’s important to make sure that you choose the right one. It’s something you walk on everyday which is why it’s imperative to choose a carpet that suits your style and needs.

It’s critical to ensure that when searching for a new carpet you choose one that is perfect for both durability and style. As with any investment for your home, it is important to research different types of carpets. Our expert team has put together some of the most common queries we are asked to help you make an informed decision on your new carpet.

Do You Supply Carpet Samples?

Often carpet retailers offer carpet samples for free in order for you to take home. This is so you can see exactly what the colour and style of carpet will look like with the context of your room.

Under ‘true light’ conditions carpets can look very different. So it’s important to ask for a carpet sample to ensure you are happy with how it looks before purchasing. 

The Best Carpet Fitters

Often if you’re purchasing carpet online, you will need to arrange your own carpet fitting. The National Institute of Carpet and Floor Layers (NCIF) contains a UK database of many skilled carpet fitters, meaning you can search for them by proximity to your location.

Booking a carpet fitter separately could also mean that the project ends up being cheaper than usual. This is due to the fluctuation in local prices etc. We always recommend against fitting the carpet yourself, it can be a complicated process that you don’t want to get wrong.

Getting a clean and precise fit takes a lot of training and skill. After spending all that money on your carpet and accessories, it’s always a shame when we hear about, or see, botched fits.

You should ensure your carpet is fitted in accordance with BS5325, the British Standard for the installation of textile floor coverings.

When Should You Fit Underlay

Similarly to fitting, purchasing underlay separately to your carpet may work out cheaper. It’s fairly standard to not receive samples of underlay which is why we recommend visiting a retailer to view the various types that might be suitable to your home.

When purchasing carpet, it’s important to understand that this is an investment. Which is why we don’t recommend complimenting your new carpet with cheap underlay. Generally, the better the underlay, the better the finish your carpet will be. This in turn will lead to better durability and comfort.

How To Choose Carpets For Room Types

As we mentioned above it’s important to understand the room you are purchasing carpet for. In our experience, each home and each area of that home has its own quirks and styles. This should be considered when purchasing carpet.

Typically, a bedroom carpet takes far less wear and tear than carpet on the stairs. This could mean optic for a more luxurious feel for your bedroom and possibly choosing a hardier carpet for your stairs